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My Cargill Fundraising Page

Stephanie Moyer

Stephanie Moyer

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. Every year I get excited to share with people what great things this organization is doing in our community.

Choosing to become matched with a youth in our Wichita community over 12 years ago was one of the best decisions that I made. I had no idea what to expect and no idea what I was doing. This shy little kindergartner and I met regularly over lunch. Eventually that turned into hanging out on the weekends, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and exploring new places in town together. My relationship with Daegiona still stands today and I'm proud to say that she is doing great things.

This little kindergartner is now a freshman at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS and is running track and cross country. She keeps busy with school and is looking to pursue a career in sports writing. We still find time to connect and I love seeing her interact with my own kids. It's hard to believe that when we met she was the same age as my own daughter! What a privilege to be a part of her life! I am so proud of her!



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