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My Spirit AeroSystems Team Defense Fundraising Page

Elisa Acosta

Elisa Acosta

Please help me support Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Although I am not a Big, I’ve seen the impact my friends and coworkers have had as Bigs and love doing what I can to support this organization.

This year, in order to boost my fundraising efforts, I added some fun to fundraising milestones. My hobby in life is powerlifting and fitness in general. To tie this in, so I can #LiftForTheKids, I've made fundraising into a fitness adventure. Every week, I will total up how much was raised that week, and perform certain exercises (ones that aren't particularly easy for me, either):
$100 – 10 pushups
$200 – 10 burpees
$300 – 25 sit-ups
$400 – 5 pull-ups
$500 – 5min of cardio
$500+ - I ask my trainer for something awful

As a bonus incentive, if you get me to $3000 by April 1st, I will run the Clean Water 5k on Saturday, April 2nd.

Fundraising Week Status:
Week 1: Feb 28-Mar 4 – Completed 3/5 - 10 pushups
Week 2: Mar 5-11 – No tasks to complete.
Week 3: Mar 12-18 – Completed 3/19 - 10 pushups, 10 burpees, 25 situps, 5 pullups, 5min cardio
Week 4: Mar 19-25 – Completed 3/26 - 10 pushups, 10 burpees, 25 situps, 5 pullups
Week 5: Mar 26-Apr 1 – 4/2 task date

I look forward to doing this challenge and for you all to get me there. Together, we can make a difference!


raised of $3,000 goal

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